Lovey (lohv-ee) noun A security object to which children become attached. Characteristics include the ability to interest, comfort, and entertain a child.

Imagine giving your child the gifts of health and happiness while maintaining your image as intelligent, fashionable, and nurturing. Now visualize a solution based on a patented design that is divinely stylish, entirely practical, portable, machine washable, and has been tested and certified suitable for children of all ages. It's not a fantasy—It's the PocketLovey!

The PocketLovey goes beyond the traditional lovey, blankie, or security blanket. It's more than the average developmental toy. It is a sumptuous security item created by a

company dedicated to helping your baby blossom into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted little person. Born from the personal experiences of brilliant mommies and tireless children, each PocketLovey is handcrafted one at a time, here in the U.S.A. to be soothing and entertaining for children of all ages. Truly a gift that keeps on giving, the PocketLovey grows with your child. What begins as a security object that provides infant stimulation continues to be a favorite as a "big-boy" or "big-girl" toy that stows precious items and provides hours of imaginary play.